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Kanji Tattoos, japanese tattoosJapanese Kanji Tattoos are fast becoming the most popular tattoo design. Japanese Kanji characters are so incredibly artistic and have such mystique that it seems as though they were created ideally for the purpose of tattoos. When you think about the best qualities of a tattoo many words come to mind such as symbolic, mysterious, and meaning.

The beauty of Japanese Kanji tattoos is that each Kanji symbol is an ideographic character, which means is represents an entire object/meaning/symbol. Japanese Kanji symbols have such elaborate definition; each stroke of the symbol must be done in the correct direction and order. Japanese Kanji Tattoos can easily represent nearly any meaning you want. Words such as love, peace, freedom, strength, unity are very popular Japanese Kanji tattoos, as well as loved one's names.

Kanji Tattoos, japanese tattoosIt is a good idea to research your Japanese Kanji Tattoo before visiting your tattoo artist. There are several reasons for this - firstly, Kanji is a different form of language to English, and if you were to choose a Kanji sentence, the order of the words will be in different order to English. Secondly, many tattoo parlors have Japanese Kanji tattoo designs which have been altered by westerners and you will not know until it is too late. Finally, some Japanese Kanji characters have several meanings, and you may think your symbol means one thing, where in fact it means something completely different. Luckily there are websites out there that can help you get the perfect translation.

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