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Japanese tattoo designs article by Alice Farrell

Japanese Tattoo Designs, japanese tattoosThere are so many things in the East that have captured the imagination and admiration of the West. Japanese tattoo designs for instance, have been gaining massive popularity due to their sheer beauty and the tradition and culture that goes with them.

Tattoo was already part of Japanese culture in the early centuries. This had been hugely inspired by the characters of Chinese novels that wore bold drawings of mythical creatures on their chests that symbolized bravery and courage. The common people of Japan were then motivated to put the same creation on their body.

Japanese tattoo designs are mostly written symbols that express different meaning. The designs are illustrated in an artistic and expressive manner. Each symbol is heavy with meaning and it is possible to depict a story in your body by combining these symbols and at the same time display an impressive art work on your flesh.

Japanese Tattoo Designs, japanese tattoosThere are three common forms of Japanese tattoo. Kanji is the most popular because its complicated form carries different ideas behind each symbol. Hiragana, unlike Kanji, is much easier to decipher since these are writings that are commonly used in Japan today. Katakana, the third form, is sourced from non-Japanese words.

Your Japanese tattoo designs don't have to be limited to just one form. If you want to keep an artistic approach then you can combine the three and create your own design. It will be much more dramatic and unique. However, it should be noted that Japanese characters are not like usual drawings that can be altered and embellished and still reflect the same kind of meaning.

They all have definite form and if you want to achieve a realistic design it is best to go to a professional Japanese tattoo shop to make sure that you are getting inked with the desired characters accurately.

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